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We are Florian and Marcus and together we are FATMEDIA.

We find new customers. increase your revenue. make advertisers happy.

Why Fatmedia?

That's how the idea behind Fatmedia was born!

Fatmedia is an idea of Florian and Marcus. Both are already running the online marketing agency ad-Shot since 2014 and know the same needs and wishes of their customers for years: Increased sales and new customers with 100% transparency and trackability.

The first joint professional station was already in 2012, when Florian and Marcus successfully worked together at a well-known retargeting provider. With the background knowledge from performance marketing and the current knowledge about the basic needs of their own customers, the idea matured to further think and develop the topic of display / retargeting.

With the addition of our own developers, Fatmedia's technology was born and has since fulfilled not only the requirements and wishes of our own agency clients, but also those of many advertisers and clients of other agencies. Today, Fatmedia is one of the world's fastest growing companies in CPO-based pretargeting and a revenue leader in affiliate marketing.

Florian Sommerfeld

Being able to offer added value makes us very proud!

The credo of advertisers according to the motto: "higher, faster, further - but please without risk." Is not always easy to fulfill. Also, the topic of display & retargeting has always been a revenue driver in affiliate marketing, but often came criticism that the overall revenue has not increased noticeably and the assumption was quickly there that it is just a "revenue shift" from other marketing channels.

Since Marcus and I already had a lot to do with the topic of user data and its use from our time at a well-known retargeting provider, we started to think about what could be optimized. The solution was to change the focus of the tracking. Away from an advertiser focus in ad optimization and towards ad serving that is focused on showing ads to the individual user that are best tailored to the user and provide NEW impulses.

Since the start of Fatmedia, this has led to a trackable, real impact on additional sales with a very high rate of new customers.

Marcus Mnich

Transparency and traceability of advertising are the basis of successful marketing

We come from affiliate marketing with performance-based remuneration. The topic of retargeting on a commission basis has also been with us since day one. Just like the associated discussions around the topic of "PostView", i.e. a commission claim already after a banner has been displayed. This has always been necessary for retargeting in affiliate marketing.

The biggest problem here has always been the advertiser's own tracking and the resulting problems. Analytics is used 99% of the time. Analytics is designed for click tracking in order to make the associated products and their billing comprehensible to the customer. The use of view tracking, which is not covered by Analytics, causes inevitable problems such as: General intransparency of advertising performance, Shifting of sales from other marketing measures like Social Media, Paid Ads, Email marketing and many more.

We wanted to solve this problem as well as satisfy the calls for new customers and increased sales, because traceability and transparency of how and where sales revenue comes from is just as important as increasing sales.

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