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What is Prospecting?

Prospecting means playing out targeted display traffic to new or unknown users or target groups of the focused advertiser. The idea of prospecting or pretargeting is to create "statistical twins" from data. To create these "twins," various data and information are used, such as gender, age, interests and other demographic data. Additionally, we are able to track the entire user journey across all touchpoints and campaigns and thus have comprehensive interest information to enable the best possible profiling and prospecting.

The basic data is anonymized data from existing customers. With our prospecting solution, we "clone" these and generate real new customers by identifying statistical twins from our user portfolio and directing them specifically to the target advertiser as NEW users by using display traffic.

Unique solution - 1:1 user matching

Difference to other solutions (Targeting Groups / Cohorts): Booking prospecting solutions is also possible via other service providers. The big difference is the way and the data used for this and therefore the successes.

Other service providers always work with targeting groups and cohorts predefined by the advertiser. As a result, a broad group of users is addressed, whose basic data corresponds to the core target group of the commissioning advertiser. For optimization purposes, the advertiser's own conversion data can also be used.

We see the basic problem with the data collection or the way in which the data is collected and how it is then used. Only general, demographic data and in-house conversions are available for optimizing one's own campaign. The tracking and usage approach of the available data is always advertiser based and focused. But what happens when the available data is tracked, evaluated and used in a cross-campaign and user-focused manner?

We are now able to determine real 1:1 matches and to identify and successfully promote individual users as potential new customers for the target advertiser! Due to the fact that we track, analyze and use the data available to us across all campaigns, we address a predominantly different target group of users, despite targeting other providers. This brings 2 advantages:

  • 01New and more-reach than via other solutions
  • 02No cannibalization or cost increase because a different audience is being advertised to.

If you want to read even more about the differences to the already known retargeting, then this way:

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