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What is Retargeting?

The retargeting approach is not new. Retargeting is used to target users who have already actively visited the advertiser's website, but have not converted. In our opinion, this makes retargeting a branding measure rather than a performance measure for additional sales. There is usually a very specific reason why a user does not convert at the moment when he could convert.

Retargeting these users leads to "remembering" and staying present, but is not the measure for incremental sales, as the initial visit to the website was via other measures. The goal here is conversion rate optimization.

Prospecting is about extracting relevant information and data from existing purchases and using it to identify and promote new users - for a measurable increase in sales.

User focused tracking

To make effective profiling possible, we have found that it only makes sense if the center of tracking is the user and not the individual advertiser or campaign. Good, and converting, advertising must add value to the user. Serve a current need or awaken a completely new one. Effective and functioning profiling needs as much data as possible. That's why we track:

  • 01Onsite User Journey
  • 02Off page data

Off page data of a user: which cross-connection & touchpoints with other advertisers were there and what information can we derive from this in terms of profiling.

The combination of all data is the basis and the secret of a functioning prospecting campaign. Such a comprehensive and detailed data set enables us to implement a true 1:1 user matching instead of relying on general targeting groups & cohorts - this is what makes Fatmedia so successful!

AI-driven, user-focused campaign playout

The user-focused approach is the key to success not only in analysis and profiling, but also in the playout of banners/advertising materials.

With the user-focused targeting of our campaigns, the approach is NOT that we try to buy targeted traffic for a particular advertiser just because we know what his potential customer looks like, but we look at each user we can reach individually, which campaign, banner or ad has the highest click and conversion rate according to our own algorithm. This process of campaign analysis, with reference to the known info about the individual user, is done in real time. The AI chooses the banner that has the greatest potential relevance for the user.

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